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I can't believe I don't have more pictures of this beautiful, sweet girl! Daisy is an off-track thoroughbred who my daughter bought as a four-year-old. Life happens, and my daughter didn't continue riding, so Daisy has been staying with me. As with so many of them, I wanted to make her my dressage horse, but that is not panning out, so she's looking for a home where her talent can be put to use. Daisy is an absolute sweetheart. She loves people, and she's always looking for attention. If I'm in her paddock scrubbing the stock tank, sometimes I will feel something on my back, and when I look up it's her nuzzling me. She's nine years old this year, but very green still. She suffered a coffin bone fracture two years ago. It healed up just fine and she is sound now. I can't guarantee that she will stay sound under saddle, but my vet doesn't see any reason that she won't. He even says she would be fine to do some low-level jumping. I would prefer to see her in a non-jumping home, however. She might also be a nice broodmare, especially if you're looking to cross breed. She's ready to restart, and she is a really nice mover, so don't pass up the chance to get a horse with lots of potential at a great price. $1500. Call Jill at (316) 468-4687.

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