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  • Do you give trail rides?
    Due to our small acreage and the increased liability of taking beginner riders on a trail, we do not offer trail rides. However, for the cost of a trail ride, a one-time lesson provides a lot more value.
  • Can I rent a horse?
    Even if you are an experienced rider, we do not rent out horses by the hour. We do sometimes offer a lease to one of our more advanced students, giving them the opportunity to ride a specified number of days per week outside of their scheduled lessons.
  • Do you offer discounts for multiple students in one family?
    Due to the high overhead of running a horse business, we are not able to offer discounted prices for more than one student. Our prices are already some of the lowest in the area.
  • What should I wear to my riding lesson?
    Long pants are a requirement for riding. Jeans, leggings, or jeggings are fine for beginner riders. Most riders find stretchy, close fitting pants to be more comfortable in the saddle. Loose legged jeans tend to ride up. You will need riding boots with a 1/2 to 1" heel. These do not have to be super expensive. Department store knock offs are fine. No one is allowed on a horse without a certified equestrian helmet. You may use one of our helmets for your first four lessons. After that you will need to purchase your own. Additionally, all students in enrolled in Academy must have their own helmet. Please, no scarves when riding, and no overly loose fitting garments. Clothes for riding need to be fairly close fitting so that they do not get hung up on saddles and equipmeent
  • How long does each lesson last?
    One hour is blocked off for each lesson. However, you will be at Redbird Farm longer than an hour. Beginner lessons include instruction in grooming and tacking up the horse. The lesson will start in the barn, and the riding portion will be around 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes before and after riding will be used for tacking and untacking the horse. Once you have demonstrated proficiency in grooming and tacking up, you will be expected to arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of the lesson to prepare your horse. The lesson will begin in the arena with the students already mounted. You'll have 45 minutes to an hour of riding time, and you will be expected to cool down, untack, and care for the horse after the lesson. All of this can take up to two hours.
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