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Mickey, registered name Don Miguel, is an unraced Jockey Club registered thoroughbred with a super sweet disposition. He's always friendly and he's easy to catch and handle. He's been a trail horse, had 30 days of barrels, kids have ridden him, and he lunges well. Mickey does not want to be a dressage horse or a jumper. He is a bit of a headshaker, and he sometimes gets sore in his back. He would really like to have a home where he can just go on leisurely trail rides or maybe have little ones led around on him. He would also be more than happy to be a pasture ornament. It's been quite a while since Mickey was ridden, so he would probably need a refresher course before just putting anyone on him. I really wanted to give him a forever home because he's been around the block a time or two, but he's not getting the attention he deserves here. Mickey is available for $1500, price is negotiable. If interested, call or text Jill at (316) 469-4687.

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