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Moe is an unregistered thoroughbred that we rescued about a year ago. He was said to have been a great jumper, able to jump four feet with finesse. I haven't taken the time to find out if this is true. I've been on him one time since he came. That one time, he acted a bit squirrely at first, but I was able to get him trotting around very nicely. In the short time I was on him, I got the impression that he knew quite a bit. He seemed to know leg yield and shoulder in. This guy is sweet as can be but does get a bit nervous. He doesn't really like to stand still on the crossties. He does a little better tied in a stall. He also doesn't seem too crazy about men. I had a male farrier trim his feet a couple times and he was most unhappy. But the young lady who does my trims now is very quiet and gentle, while still not letting horses get away with jerking their feet away, and Moe is a different horse with her! I think he's been mistreated in the past, and maybe he's been a lesson horse who learned what he could get by with. Moe is available for $1000. He just may turn out to be quite a bargain! Call Jill at (316) 469-4687.

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