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River is an incredibly special horse. He has been my personal horse since I got him in 2012 when he was six years old. He's the class clown, the fearless leader, and he loves his mares. This guy knows how to take care of his herd, and in the twelve years I've owned him there has only been one horse who managed to surpass him for the position of herd boss. River is a beautiful mover, very soft in the bridle, smart, and learns quickly. He's a fun one to ride if you like dressage, but he hates jumping!

All of that being said, River needs a very special home. He can be difficult to handle on the ground. He may be a gentleman 95% of the time, but it's that other 5% that you have to look out for. This dude can smell fear a mile away, and if you're afraid of him, forget it. I tried to rehome him one other time, but he came back to me after a few months. His difficulty is only when handling on the ground, not under saddle, and it is directly related to his need to know where his herd is. You absolutely must give him some slack in the lead rope, and if he decides to act like a nimrod, let him hit the end of it. If you clutch tight to the rope and are pulling on the halter out of fear, he will feel constricted and then you're sure to have trouble. He's not a bad guy, just needs someone who really knows what they're doing.

One more thing: In July of 2022, River decided he didn't want to go to the vet. He reared up at the trailer and flipped himself over backwards. It was one of those situations where we didn't do things quite like he's used to, and he very strongly objected. Unfortunately, he fractured a vertebra just above his tail bone. It healed up just fine, and the vet said it would not affect his rideability. However, weeks later I noticed that his withers didn't look right. I think he may have injured them. The vet said everything felt normal and didn't think we needed to do an x-ray right then. I figured I might have one done before I started riding him again, but I haven't started. He does not indicate pain with pressure on and around his withers, and he is completely sound when he's out playing in the pasture, but it's an unknown whether he will be okay under saddle. I wanted to get him going again before even thinking about rehoming him, but it's probably not happening, so if you're interested in River, call Jill at (316) 469-4687 and we can discuss pricing. All offers will be considered. I will only allow him to go to a home with an experienced horse person!

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