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Todd was rescued about a year ago along with Moe. He was said to be 18, but after getting him home and having the vet out, we learned that he is probably closer to thirty. He was pretty thin when he came to live with us, but good feed has helped put weight back on. I'm disappointed that I didn't find more pictures, especially because the ones I have are all from when he was thin. They just don't do him justice.

Todd is blind in his right eye and tends to startle when approached from that side without warning. He also gets quite nervous about having his hooves trimmed, but my trimmer now is an amazing young lady who seems to put him at ease so he's doing a lot better now. 

Todd has been a trail horse and a lesson horse. He's really great out of the arena. Riders have commented that they feel safe on him. With beginners he tends to go where he wants and tune out their aids, but he's got more whoa than go so he's not likely to take off with someone. He has three very nice gaits, but with his age he does get tired quickly so short, easy trail rides or lead line with children is probably best for him. He likes to have a tolerant companion to follow around in turnout. Currently he stays with our pony and the two of them have a whole paddock plus a big stall they can go in and out of. He gets along well with others. He and the pony share the stall, feed pan, and hay pile.

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