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Riding Lessons at Redbird Farm

Come learn to ride at Redbird Farm! We offer lessons for ages 2 and up. You're never too old to learn. For the littlest riders we do leadline lessons that are only 30 minutes, and that includes helping to brush and saddle the horse. We have a very inclusive and nurturing atmosphere for learning, with absolutely no pressure to show or to buy a horse.

We believe that riders should know how to take good care of horses so that the horses can do what we ask comfortably. So, learning horse care is part of your lessons. And in inclement weather, plan on having your lesson in the barn doing some hands-on horse related learning. 

With our flexible payment options, you can book and pay for one lesson at a time, purchase a 4 pack, or choose monthly tuition.

Our site's not done yet! Stay tuned for more fun experiences at Redbird Farm!

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